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    Coppa Italia Tickets

    Have you always wanted to experience the magic of the Coppa Italia? Coppa Italia tickets allow you to experience the most prestigious Italian cup tournament up close and personal. Teams such as Inter Milan, Juventus, AS Roma and AC Milan take part in the tournament which so it’s guaranteed to be full of top matches.

    Matches in the Coppa Italia are decided by drawing lots so the fixtures are not immediately fixed. As soon as the draw for the various rounds is known, you can order official tickets directly from P1 Travel.

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    Coppa Italia - Totti
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    Coppa Italia Clubs

    A total of 44 Italian professional clubs take part in the Coppa Italia. There are 4 Serie C, 20 Serie B and 20 Serie A teams. The clubs enter the tournament in different rounds. In the preliminary round, four Serie C and four Serie B teams face each other. In the first round, the remaining 16 Serie B and the lowest 12 Serie A clubs enter the tournament. In the ⅛ final, the eight best clubs in Italy are added and the road to the final can really begin.

    The number of Coppa Italia clubs participating is therefore fixed every year. Which clubs exactly participate depends mainly on the performance in Serie C. Only the best 4 clubs of this competition are allowed to participate in the tournament. Before each round, a draw is made so that each year we don’t get the same clubs playing against each other.

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    League Info

    Coppa Italia Info

    The Coppa Italia is the Italian cup tournament for the highest professional football leagues. The tournament consists of seven different knockout stages leading up to the final. The tournament was first organised in 1922 and has had several winners. The club with the most wins to their name is Juventus from Turin.

    Coppa Italia Badge

    The winner of the Coppa Italia receives not only the cup but also a badge that may be worn the following season. The badge that the winners receive is the Coccorda Italiana. The Coccorda Italiana is one of the national symbols of Italy and features the colours of the Italian flag. In the next season the winner of the Italian cup is clearly identifiable to each and every opponent.

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