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The 4 Rugby World Cup Pools France 2023

Rugby World Cup 2023 Pools have been confirmed

The Rugby World Cup 2023 pools look exciting and promise some great matches in the early stages of RWC 2023! The pools have been drawn and some of the top teams will be competing against each other in the pool phase.

Hosts France are grouped with Italy and title favourites New Zealand. World champions South Africa are challenged by Scotland and Ireland. England seem to be the favourite in their pool facing Argentina and Japan.

Who will secure their place in the knockout phase? Let’s take a look at the four pools of Rugby World Cup France 2023.


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Official Travel Packages Rugby World Cup

1. Pool A

As hosts of the tournament, France were the first nation to be drawn and they face one of the toughest opponents in the first match of the tournament, New Zealand, who are the title favourites according to the bookmakers. Based on the history between these teams New Zealand have won forty-eight times out of sixty-one so it’s not looking promising for the hosts, let’s hope their countrymen can get behind them to start the tournament off with a bang.

Italy are the third country in Pool A and currently ranked fifteenth in world rankings, unfortunately they have never made it past the pool phase. The fourth country in Pool A is Uruguay. The pool will be completed by a countries from Africa that still needs to qualify.

Official Travel Packages Rugby World Cup

2. Pool B

The current world champions South Africa meet Ireland and Scotland in Pool B. The Irish have developed well in recent years and were at the top of the world rankings in 2019, however, they missed out on the semi-finals of the last world cup in 2019 losing to New Zealand.

It’s clear that South Africa and Ireland will compete for first and second place, however Scotland may have a chance for a qualifying position if they can profit from any mistakes made by the other teams.

The two additional countries to qualify from Asia Pacific and Europe can only hope to keep up with these difficult opponents.

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3. Pool C

Wales and Australia are clearly the two favourites to qualify in Pool C, looking at their history, Australia have thirty wins with only twelve wins for Wales. For years Australia have won every game against Wales, but in their last meeting in the pool phase of Rugby World Cup 2019 Wales took victory in a spectacular match ending 29-25.

Fiji are the third team in this pool, along with one other country from Europe and the Final Qualification Winner yet to qualify. Will we see Wales and Australia qualifying or will they be challenged by the underdog opponents?

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4. Pool D

It looks like England have been lucky with their draw, although still facing two top ten world ranked teams. The finalists of the previous World Cup will meet Japan and Argentina. We think it’s safe to say that the English fans can already book their tickets for the knockout phase!

Japan are not a team to normally progress past the pool phase but made it to the knockout rounds in the last World Cup as hosts. Argentina will start with a tough game facing England in the first match of Pool D.

The last two teams to qualify will be from Oceania and the Americas making an interesting showdown in Pool D for the qualifying positions to the knockout phase!

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The countries in the current Rugby World Cup 2023 pools were automatically qualified for RWC 2023 based on the results of World Cup 2019 in Japan. The pools will be filled by eight other countries, which will play a qualifying tournament per continent and join the different pools according to the draw.

After the pool matches, the two teams finishing 1st and 2nd from each group will advance to the knockout phase. Each winner of a pool plays the quarter-finals against the runner up from a different pool and the semi-finals follow as the last stop before the final.

The final will take place on 21 October 2023 where two teams will decide who deserves the title of Rugby World Cup France 2023.

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