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Indulge in the pinnacle of sophistication and excitement with Royal Ascot Tickets, offering privileged entry to the iconic British horse racing event, where style, speed, and grandeur converge for an unforgettable experience.


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    • Ticket information

      Ticket information

      Royal Ascot tickets

      Looking for Royal Ascot tickets? Order your Royal Ascot tickets from P1 Travel. We offer tickets for Royal Ascot and assure you of fantastic views. With our tickets you can now go to one of the biggest horse races in England. See above for more information on our Royal Ascot tickets.

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    • Event information

      Event information

      One of the most prestigious and glamorous racing events

      Royal Ascot is a renowned horse racing event held annually in Ascot, Berkshire, England. It is one of the most prestigious and glamorous racing events in the world, attracting high-profile attendees, including members of the British royal family. The event spans over five days and features top-quality horse races, showcasing the finest racehorses, jockeys, and trainers from around the globe. Royal Ascot is also known for its strict dress code, exquisite fashion displays, and lavish hospitality offerings, making it a symbol of elegance, tradition, and sporting excellence.

    • Ascot Enclosures

      Ascot Enclosures

      There are four Royal Ascot enclosures in total. Each comes with its own unique atmosphere and views offering you a distinctive experience – here’s everything you need to know about them.

      Royal Enclosure

      Reserved exclusively for the British Royal Family and their invited guests, the Royal Enclosure is the epitome of luxury. As you can imagine only the finest food and drinks are served here. The fashion is, of course, always elegant and eye-catching.

      Queen Anne Enclosure

      Named after a race founder, the Queen Anne Enclosure boasts some spectacular views over the course. While not as luxurious, or formal, as the Royal Enclosure, guests in the Queen Anne enjoy great food and even trackside tables.

      Village Enclosure

      Located right in the middle of the track, the Village Enclosure is a new addition since 2017. Guests enjoy views down the home straight and live music throughout the day.

      Windsor Enclosure

      The Windsor Enclosure is the most informal of the four enclosures with a laidback atmosphere. Guests enjoy a sweeping view of the Royal Procession from the large lawns next to the track. Along with a great mix of food, drinks and live entertainment, making it an unforgettable experience. The Windsor Enclosure is waiting for you.

    • FAQ


      • How do I buy Royal Ascot tickets?

        Buy your Royal Ascot tickets online at P1 travel. Are you traveling alone or in a group? No problem: we’ll make sure you have the ultimate experience!

      • Are Royal Ascot tickets safe to book?

        The tickets we offer online are official tickets bought directly from the organization. It is therefore safe to book your tickets with P1 Travel.

      • How will I receive my Royal Ascot tickets?

        All tickets are sent as e-tickets. We will send the e-tickets to the e-mail address that was provided when booking. At least 5 days before the event you will receive your e-tickets via e-mail. You can print out the e-tickets or have them digitally scanned at the entrance. If you have booked a hotel, you will also receive the booking confirmation via email, together with the tickets.

      • When can I purchase Royal Ascot tickets?

        In principle, tickets for every Royal Ascot race can be requested or booked on our website throughout the year.

      • Which is the best enclosure at Royal Ascot?

        The best enclosure at Royal Ascot depends on your preferences. If you’re looking for luxury, the Queen Anne Enclosure is the way to go. Keep in mind that this luxury does come with a higher price tag.

        For a more relaxed environment, the Village Enclosure and the Windsor Enclosure are your best bets. Both enclosures have an informal dress code and plenty of options for food, drinks and entertainment. In the Windsor Enclosure especially, you can enjoy Royal Ascot to the fullest.

      • What is Royal Ascot dress code?

        Each enclosure has its own dress code so it’s always a good idea to check beforehand. The Windsor Enclosure has no formal dress code. However, smart daywear is encouraged with gentlemen in jackets, collared shirts and full-length trousers. Ladies are recommended to wear hats or fascinators.

      • Where is Royal Ascot?

        Royal Ascot is located just west of London, in the countryside. If you travel from London, it’s about a 50-minute journey by train. But Royal Ascot is also easy to get to by car. No matter the direction you’re coming from, there are plenty of motorways around the racecourse.