Black Friday

- For how long is the Black Friday promotion valid?

The Black Friday promotion is valid from 13 November at 12:00 until 27 November at 23:59 Central European time.

- For which events do the deals apply?

All events covered by the discount will be clearly presented on our Black Friday deals page.

- Are these all the events for the promotions or will there be more coming up?

New deals will be added regularly from 13-27 November. Therefore, subscribe to our e-mail to be informed of all new deals!

- Can I combine discounts?

At P1 Travel, you buy the events separately. Combining discounts is therefore not possible.

General questions

- Who is P1 Travel?

The team of P1 Travel consists of sports fanatics and mega fans who understand that attending an event is a true experience. We want to provide the best experiences for everyone. Because we are an official reseller of the biggest sports and music events worldwide, we can offer official tickets and packages. We are all Champions League level sports fans dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for you.


- How and when will I receive my e-tickets?

You will receive your e-tickets by email no later than 1-3 days before the event. These tickets can generally be scanned on your phone at the event entrance, which means they do not need to be printed out. If it is necessary to print them out, we will mention this in the e-mail.

- Can I cancel after I have placed an order?

All orders are binding and therefore cannot be cancelled. This can be found in the booking conditions.

-I booked an event before the Black Friday Deals and now the event has been discounted. Can I get compensation for this?

Discounts do not apply on historical orders.

Therefore it’s not possible to receive compensation or a refund for a booking made before a discount or promotion becomes available. Prices and discounts are subject to change and availability.


- How can I pay online at P1 Travel?

We offer multiple payment options for your convenience. You can use various credit cards like Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. We also have a number of local payment options as well. Feel free to choose the method that suits you best.