Olympique Marseille Tickets en Hospitality


P1 Travel Insurance

The tickets and hospitality packages we offer online are based on updated allocations that we can offer, everything in cooperation with the official partners we work with and based on the actual capacity.

There might be a chance that the event that you would like to visit, will change in regards to the allowance of spectators and travel restrictions to and from the event country may appear. To make sure that you are able to book safely, all bookings will be guaranteed of the P1 Travel Insurance.

The following scenarios and solutions are to be taken into account:

Scenario 1: The event you have booked is cancelled or will be operated behind closed doors.

If your booked event is cancelled or will be held behind closed doors, you will have the option to keep the order amount as a credit to be used for another event. You will receive a credit voucher, which can be used on our website to book another event.

We can only provide a credit voucher for elements of any trip booked with P1 Travel. If you have booked travel, accommodation or any other travel element anywhere else, we are unable to offer any form of compensation should your supplier be unable to offer you cancellation in case of an event not going ahead.

Scenario 2: The event is postponed and played with an audience at a later date.

In case the ordered match is postponed to a different date and will be played with spectators, you will have two options:

1) Keep the order for the new date. This will be a 1-on-1 swap. In case a hotel is booked, we will transfer the hotel booking to the new date. Our customer service team will be in touch about the new travelling dates and confirm the new hotel booking on the date that is requested.

2) In case a guest cannot attend the new event date, a 100% credit voucher will be given out to be used on any other event that P1 Travel offers online.
We are in close contact with event organizers and official partners to supply the most accurate allocations in times of partial stadiums and venues. As soon as the situation changes, our dedicated customer service team will be in contact as soon as possible to find the best possible solution.

Scenario 3: You cannot or do not want to travel due to any Covid-19 related reason.

In case there is a travel ban or any form of travel restriction to or from your destination, and you cannot or do not want to travel anymore, we will try to resell the tickets or hospitality tickets that you booked.

Without any guarantees given in advance, P1 Travel will try to find a new client for your tickets. It might be possible that the resale prices are lower than the order value of where you have booked the tickets or packages for. The amount of the resale will be given out as a credit voucher, to be used for any event or package on our website.

The resale amount will be communicated to you as soon as we have resold the tickets or packages, and this will be most likely be announced around the event date.
For all events (except for Italian football), you are able to resale the tickets yourself as well. Please contact our team in case you want to resell your tickets to friends or family, so that we can change the attendee list and names on the tickets.

For Italian football orders, please contact our team about the options. The tickets for these events are nominative right after you place the booking. In some cases we are able to change the names on the tickets, but for some clubs or events we cannot change any names afterwards.

Hotel bookings

In case that we need to resell your tickets, which are booked as a ticket + hotel package, we will provide a credit voucher with a value of the resale amount of the tickets, together with the hotel booking order value. Hotel bookings will only be cancelled (and creditted) if the resale request is placed more than 5 days prior to the event.