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    About P1 Travel

    P1 Travel gives you the chance to visit your favourite sports or music events anywhere in the world. We assure you of the best experience possible thanks to our official partnerships with the largest international football clubs, event venues and sporting tournaments. By offering a wide variety of official tickets and travel packages, we will bring you to the event of your dreams!

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    What is an official reseller?

    An official reseller is appointed directly by individual clubs, venues and tournaments to offer fans a safe and secure method to buy tickets for your favourite event. P1 Travel is proud to be an official reseller for many clubs and tournaments and because we are provided with a fixed allocation of tickets, we will always have tickets for your favourite games. P1 Travel is the perfect place to buy a ticket for the events you love!

    What events does P1 Travel offer?

    We have an enormous range of events! With a main focus in football, rugby, tennis and the Olympic Games. We also sell Formula 1 tickets and various big music concerts.

    With what kind of companies do you work with?

    We work closely with companies like: travel agencies, luxury concierge service providers, business travel providers and large corporates – who would like to grant their customers and business partners VIP access to major sport and music events.

    Do you have a B2B portal for your partners?

    Yes! We can create a login for our B2B portal where you can find all our products and prices. Send an email to info@p1hospitality.com with your details and we can set-up and account for you with access to our portal.

    Are the prices in the portal net prices?

    Yes, all prices in the portal are net prices.

    Do you work with commission or can we put margin on your portal rates?

    We don’t work with commissions, but you are allowed to put margin on our prices.

    joost brochure

    Joost Verwer

    Partnership Manager

    Since 2016 I am responsible for the partnerships with all clubs and events. There are two things that I focus on every day:

    To bring our customers to their favourite sport and music events all over the world.
    And secondly, having official partnerships with the biggest international sports clubs, event venues and event organizers. That’s what I am aiming for!

    joost brochure

    Tony Broekens


    Since 2015 I have been responsible for managing and growing the global client base for our B2B brand: P1 Corporate Hospitality. In my role as account manager I am always looking for new business opportunities and dedicated to provide our partners with the best services possible!

    Interested in partnering up with us? I am more than happy to tell you everything about the exciting events and packages we can offer, and what cooperating with us could look like.

    Tony brochure