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Nicknames of Premier League clubs

What are the nicknames of the Premier League clubs?

The names of all Premier League clubs are generally known. But did you know that every Premier League club has a nickname? In this blog we will be covering all the nicknames of the Premier League clubs! Let’s find out more about the nicknames and their origins, of course some may be very simple and others have a more historical meaning, along with a few clubs with more than one nickname. Let’s dive straight in!

Overview Premier League clubs nicknames

Club Nickname Club info
Arsenal The Gunners >> Go to club page
Chelsea The Blues >> Go to club page
Liverpool The Reds >> Go to club page
Manchester United The Red Devils >> Go to club page
Manchester City The Citizens >> Go to club page
Tottenham Hotspur Spurs >> Go to club page
West Ham United The Hammers >> Go to club page
Crystal Palace The Eagles, The Glaziers >> Go to club page
Southampton The Saints >> Go to club page
Fulham The Cottagers, The Whites >> Go to club page
Bournemouth The Cherries, Boscombe
Newcastle United The Magpies >> Go to club page
Brighton and Hove Albion The Seagulls
Leicester City The Foxes
Aston Villa The Villans
Brentford The Bees
Huddersfield Town The Terriers
Everton The Toffees, The Blues, The People’s Club >> Go to club page
Leeds The White, The Peacocks, The People’s Club >> Go to club page
Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolves >> Go to club page

Arsenal’s nickname

Why are Arsenal called ‘The Gunners’?

This stems back from when they were formed in 1886 by workers at the Royal Arsenal factory. This factory produced weapons and explosives so we can see where the canon on the team badge comes from now! This canon wasn’t always on the badge and was introduced in 1922 and since then has remained on the crest and clearly identifies Arsenal’s nickname: ‘The Gunners‘.

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Chelsea’s nickname

Why are Chelsea called ‘The Blues’ and ‘The Pensioners’?

Since the 1960’s Chelsea changed their kit colours to all blue with white socks so they have commonly been known as ‘The Blues’ from then. They had a few nicknames which fans didn’t like when they added a lion to their logo in 1952 and the nicknames ‘Lions’ and ‘Blue Lions’ weren’t popular, because Millwall had already claimed ‘The Lions’ as their nickname. ‘The Pensioners’ came about because the retired military servicemen from The Royal Hospital in Chelsea used to attend the matches from when they formed in 1905!

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Liverpool’s nickname

Why are Liverpool called ‘The Reds’?

To put it very simply, Liverpool have always played in red since 1894, previously they had played in blue but this clashed with local rivals Everton so a change was needed. The full red kit including shorts and socks wasn’t introduced until 1964 when manager Bill Shankly decided to change the kit, he thought red would be frightening for opponents! In 1901 the Liver bird was added to the logo which creates their unique crest we all know today!

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Manchester United Old Trafford

Manchester United’s nickname

Why are Man Utd called ‘The Red Devils’?

This nickname actually stems from Rugby League back in 1934. Salford’s Rugby League team toured France and won all six matches, French journalists said they played in a dazzling and ruthless fashion, earning them the name ‘Les Diables Rouges’ translating to ‘The Red Devils’. In the 1960’s Sir Matt Busby was rebuilding the team and much preferred this name to their previous nicknames, he thought it was more intimidating to opponents! In 1970 the devil was finally added to their badge and in the early 90s Fred the Red was made as their mascot!

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Manchester City’s nicknames

Why are Manchester City called ‘The Sky Blues and ‘The Citizens’?

Their sky blue and white kit colours have been used since around 1892, so it’s no surprise to their simple nickname: ‘The Sky Blues’. However ‘The Citizens’ has simply evolved from them being named Manchester City, it also implies that most of their fans are citizens of Manchester. This could be considered a dig towards Man Utd due to their extensive non-local following across the globe.

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Tottenham Hotspur team

Tottenham Hotspur’s nickname

Why are Tottenham called ‘Spurs’?

Tottenham Hotspur are the only team in the world of professional sports to have the name ‘Hotspur’. This stems from an English knight, Sir Henry Percy and his enemies that named him ‘Haatspore’ because of the way he charged into battle digging his spurs into his horse. The Percy family had ties and owned land around the Tottenham Marshes. When the current Premier League club was founded in 1882 the local people knew that they needed to use the name Hotspur for the club.

Tottenham Hotspur team

West Ham United’s nickname

Why are West Ham United called ‘The Hammers’?

West Ham United have always had their classical crest with two crossed rivet hammers since their formation. The team was formed from the Thames Ironworks Team (1895-1900) with surrounding neighbourhoods heavily involved in the shipbuilding industry. You would hear all sorts of hammering echoing all around which is where the rivet hammers come into play. West Ham United have also been nicknamed ‘The Irons’ with both names being officially recognised by the Premier League club.

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Crystal Palace’s nicknames

Why are Crystal Palace called ‘The Eagles’ and ‘The Glaziers’?

The Glaziers originates from a Victorian style crystal palace building in South London which unfortunately burnt down in 1936. This name was used for many years from 1905 to 1973. In the early 70s the club decided to change their logo to an eagle holding a ball, this is where we get the more commonly used nickname for Crystal Palace of ‘The Eagles’.

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Southampton’s nickname

Why are Southampton called ‘The Saints’?

There are many teams that were formed from church football teams and in 1885 St. Mary’s Church of England Young Men Association football team emerged. The name was changed to Southampton FC in 1897 but the Saint’s part stayed around in the form of their nickname! To top it off, they play at their home ground St. Mary’s Stadium with the fans singing along to ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’.

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Fulham’s nickname

Why is Fulham called ‘The Cottagers’ or ‘The Whites’?

The nickname The Cottagers comes from Fulham’s home ground. The stadium is called Craven Cottage and the players who play there are called The Cottagers by the supporters. In addition, just like Leeds, they have the nickname ‘The Whites’. This is because the uniform consists of white shirts, white shorts and socks. Two nicknames that are actually quite obvious.


Newcastle United’s nickname

Why are Newcastle Utd called ‘The Magpies’?

It is said to be believed that two magpies would come to the northern stand of the stadium and brought the club luck. The supporters grabbed onto this and called themselves ‘The Magpies’. The club colours are black and white and very similar to a magpie’s colours.

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Bournemouth’s nickname

Why is Bournemouth called ‘The Cherries’ or ‘Boscombe’?

Sometimes nicknames are very simple. The colour of Bournemouth’s shirt is cherry red, hence the name The Cherries. We also have the nickname Boscombe. Bournemouth’s stadium is located in the Boscombe district.

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Brighton and Hove Albion nickname

Why are Brighton and Hove Albion called ‘The Seagulls’?

If you know any UK geography you will know the club is situated on the south coast of England. This is exactly where their nickname comes from as the coastal town has beachfronts and seagulls! The Seagull is featured on the club’s crest and they play in blue and white kits.

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Leicester City’s nickname

Why are Leicester City called ‘The Foxes’?

Leicestershire was well known for foxes and fox hunting and in 1948 the club added a fox to their crest. Since then and the early 1940s Leicester City have been known as ‘The Foxes’. In 1992 the club brought in the mascot ‘Filbert Fox’.

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Aston Villa’s nickname

Why are Aston Villa called ‘The Villans’?

The Premier League club’s name and nickname actually stems from an old villa in the area of Aston. Aston Villa Wesleyan Chapel was located on George Street and unfortunately demolished in 2008. The team are also known as ‘The Lions’ front he club’s crest and ‘The Claret and Blue Army’ from their kit colours.

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Brentford’s nickname

Why are Brentford called ‘The Bees’?

Fans of this club used to chant to the players ‘Buck up B’s’ but this was mistranslated by press to ‘Buck up Bees’. The nickname stuck with the club since the 1890s. The club’s crest has been changed several times but also features a bee on it, their club mascot is ‘Buzz Bee’.

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Huddersfield Town’s nickname

Why is Huddersfield called ‘The Terriers’?

The fans were allowed to choose a nickname through a vote and it became a reference to the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed.

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Everton’s nickname

Why are Everton called ‘The Toffees’, ‘The Blues’ and ‘The People’s Club’?

One name stems from local toffee shops where fans would buy toffees to enjoy while watching the game. This brought along a tradition in which a ‘toffee lady’ would throw Everton mints into the crowd before a match. Since 1901 Everton have played in blue so it only goes without saying where that nickname came from! David Moyes gave them the name of ‘The People’s Club’ when he managed the Premier League club between 2002 and 2013.

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Leeds United’s nickname

Why are Leeds United called ‘The Whites’ and ‘The Peacocks’?

The Peacocks nickname stems from the original name of their stadium Elland Road and a public house opposite. The ground used to be called ‘The Old Peacock Ground’ which was named after the pub opposite the stadium ‘The Old Peacock’. Leeds have played in many colours through their history but from the 1960s onwards have played in white hence ‘The Whites’ as their more commonly known nickname.

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Wolverhampton Wanderers’ nickname

Why are Wolverhampton Wanderers called ‘Wolves’?

This nickname is directly from the name of the club city ‘Wolverhampton’ and just shortened to ‘Wolves’. The premier league club was founded in 1877 and since the early 1920s have always been known as ‘Wolves’, along with having an image of a wolf on their crest since then also.

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